AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project is a joint initiative supported by the Japan International Corporation Agency
(JICA). To implement its objectives the Project is developing four main centres: ①Innovation and Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC) ②Innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (iCMoB) ③Innovation Centre for Bio-resources (iCB) ④Innovation Centre for Open Data and Visualization (iODaV)
The Mission of the Project is to build capacity of students and staff within the shared JKUAT and PAUSTI
community. The respective aim of each of the centres is to advance:

i. Research and innovations in the area of engineering and related fields through innovative technologies that focus on local aspects and need – iPIC.

ii. Molecular basis of biological activity in organisms (micro-organisms, human, animals and plants)
as an avenue to enhance the development of innovative solutions to meet human needs – iCMoB.

iii. Agricultural and related research through innovative bio-transformation of majorly locally available
resources – iCB.

iv. Research and innovations in the area of open research data, ICT for smart and sustainable
development, data analytics and visualization– iODaV.

The Project is currently offering innovation research funding opportunities to qualified JKUAT/PAUSTI post-graduate students and staff. Young scientists are encouraged to apply. The applicants are allowed to submit applications in only one of the following thematic areas from the four main centres. Submitting an application to more than one area or submitting an application without specifying the thematic area will lead to automatic disqualification.

Thematic Areas

Design and Drug
Food Security
and Value
Open Research Data for
Vehicles and
Improvement of
ICT for smart and
sustainable development
(smart cities, smart
transport, smart learning,
smart energy grids and
disaster management)
Industrial and
and Processes.
Animal Health
Data analytics and
of Endangered
ICT for Climate Change
mitigation and adaptation

Eligibility Criteria

The Innovation Research grant is intended for persons of the following criteria:
Candidates MUST hold at least Bachelor’s degree in the following areas:

  1. iPIC – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Agricultural
    Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Geomatic
    Engineering or other related disciplines.
  2. iCMoB – Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, or other
    life sciences.
  3. iCB – Horticulture, food science, Nutrition, Postharvest Technology, Animal Health and
    Production or related disciplines.
  4. iODaV – All disciplines
  • Student applicants MUST be registered in a postgraduate course in JKUAT and MUST have an
    approved research proposal from their departments in JKUAT/PAUSTI.
  • Candidates who hold a grant for postgraduate studies funded by JKUAT or any other organization
    should give a full disclosure of the current grant to justify the request for additional funding.
  • Priority will be given to members of JKUAT staff and PAUSTI students.

In case of questions about the eligibility criteria, applicants should contact the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project
office at prior to submission of the application.

Application Process

All applications must be received on or before 22nd March, 2017 at 1700HRS.
Email: iPIC applicants at, iCMOB applicants at, iCB applicants at and iODaV applicants to with a copy to .
The applications must be submitted in one PDF format document containing the following information:

  1. Personal and contact information.
  2. The Curriculum Vitae, specifying the completed degree and any relevant information (publications,
    previous fellowships, mobility, professional experience, etc.) and two contact references (Name,
    Institution, Position, email).
  3. Two reference letters from the referees proposed by the candidate. The referees must submit their
    scanned signed letters of recommendation directly to .
  4. A motivation letter.
  5. A concept paper of not more than three pages.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to make a ten minutes presentation on their areas of interest.
Late applications as well as incomplete applications will not be considered.
For more information on iPIC, iCMoB, iCB and iODaV please visit:
P.O Box 62000-00200
2nd Floor Engineering Laboratory Building (ELB 213)
@Task Force/JICA Project Office