DIPCA Celebrates Director’s Professorial Appointment

Staff of the Directorate of Performance Contracting and Appraisal (DiPCA) hosted a surprise party to congratulate their Director, Prof John Wesonga on his recent appointment as an Associate Professor.

In a luncheon hosted at DiPCA House, the staff expressed their excitement at Prof. Wesonga’s academic promotion. They lauded his highly motivated workmanship. They said his career well-deserved advancement is an inspiration to all DiPCA staff to achieve their personal goals.

Congrats! Prof. Wesonga

Congrats! Prof. Wesonga

The staff presented Prof. Wesonga with a cake shaped in the form of a greenhouse in recognition of his pet research area. Prof. teaches Crop Protection and related courses in the Department of Horticulture and has done extensive research in his area of expertise, including the use of capillary wicks as a contribution towards efficient and sustainable agricultural production.

He was assisted by his research project staff in cutting the cake and sharing it out with his staff and guests, who included members of his family. Among the invited guests were Prof. S.M. Githiri who relayed regards from the Department from the Department of Horticulture whose staff he said were extremely happy that the long-awaited elevation of Prof. Wesonga had finally come to fruition as his high-impact research contributions are widely acclaimed.

Prof. Wesonga said the celebration was a huge surprise to him but a pleasant one at that. He intimated that this was the first time he felt the impact of his new title ever since he received his promotion letter. He and Prof. Githiri encouraged other DiPCA staff not to relent in expending their energies to realizing their academic ambitions.
DiPCA staff also presented their Director with a token gift to commemorate the occasion.


3 thoughts on “DIPCA Celebrates Director’s Professorial Appointment

  1. Hello Prof,

    Congratulations on your latest promotion, I concur with the rest that you deserved it. It is has been and always a pleasure working with you. That is truly an encouragement to me as I aspire to climb such a ladder.

    God bless you in your new endeavors and every way.