Knowledge Base

Category 1: Water and Environment, IWRM

  1. Water Conservation, by Bancy Mati. In: Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agricultural production and management in East Africa. Technical Guidance Document. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Rome, 2016: pp 57-74.
  2. Changing rainfall patterns and farmers’ adaptation through soil water management practices in semi-arid eastern Kenya. Arid Land Research and Management. By: Recha, J. Mati, B., Nyasimi, M., Kimeli, P., Kinyangi, J. and Radney, M. Taylor & Francis, (2016).
  3. Application of electrical resistivity method to investigate groundwater potential in Lake Chala watershed. By: Mwega, B.W., Mati, B. M, Kyalo, J. and Kituu, G.M.. Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary, Volume 3, Issue 7, (2015). pp 396-403.
  4. Effect of climate change on cowpea production in mwania watershed by Maureen Jepchirchir KiprotichEdward Mamati, Edward Bikketi (2015)
  5. An Assessment of Some Physical, Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Nyanchwa  -Riana River Flowing through Kisii Town in South West Kenya: By Ogendi G. M. A. M., Getabu , J. M. Onchieku and J. M., Babu. nternational Journal of Applied Science and Technology  Vol. 5, No.  2; April 2015.
  6. A model-based approach to assess the effects of sustainable land management practices on hydrological ecosystem services – Case studies from Eastern Africa. By: Mwangi, H., Feger, K.H., Julich, S, Gathenya, J. and Mati, B. Forum für Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung heft (2014). 34, 14: 207-214.
  7. Can Payments for Ecosystem Services Contribute to Adaptation to Climate Change? Insights from a Watershed in Kenya: by Isabel van de Sand, John K. Mwangi , and Sara Namirembe,(2014)
  8. Effects of Urban Storm water Management Strategy in Reducing Flooding; a Case of Mombasa By: Peter Migosi (2014)
  9. Effects of spreading patterns of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on zooplankton population in Lake Naivasha, Kenya by J.M. Mironga 1, J.M. Mathooko , S.M. Onywere,(2014).
  10. Water conservation through trade: the case of Kenya by Mesfin M. Mekonnen* and Arjen Y. Hoekstra(2014)
  11. Study of minerals in the water and source rocks of Rurii spring in Meru County,kenya:By G.N Mungai,L.W.Njenga,E.M Mathu and G.N Kamau (2014)
  12. The  impact of water quality on species diversity and  richness of macroinvertebrates in small water bodies in  Lake  Victoria  Basin, Kenya: By Steve Omari Ngodhe, Phillip Okoth Raburu and Alfred Achieng. ournal of Ecology and the Natural Environment Vol. 6(1), pp. 32-41, January 2014.
  13. A review of the impacts of invasive aquatic weeds on the biodiversity of some tropical water bodies with special reference to Lake Victoria (Kenya); By Peninah Aloo, William Ojwang, Reuben Omondi, James Murithi Njiru & Dalmas Oyugi. Biodiversity Journal, 2013, 4 (4): 471-482.
  14. Hydrogeochemical analysis and evaluation of water quality in Lake Chala catchment area, Kenya: by Josphat Mulwa K, Beatrice Mwega W, Mathew Kigomo K. Global Advanced Research Journal of Physical and Applied Sciences Vol. 2 (1) pp. 001-007, August, 2013.
  15. Modelling water provision as an ecosystem service in a large East African river basin, by B. Notter, H. Hurni, U. Wiesmann, and K. C. Abbaspour (2012)…/hess-16-69-2012.pdf?…water
  16. Land use and climate change impacts on the hydrology of the upper Mara River Basin, Kenya: results of a modeling study to support better resource management: By L.M Mango,A.M Malesse,M.E Mcclain,D.GanN,S.G.Setegn,(2011)
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  19. Hydrological and Suspended Sediment Modeling in the Lake Tana Basin,    Hydrology: By Agizew Nigussie Engida –  Grenoble  I,  2010.
  20. Estimating parameters of IHACRES Conceptual model for Tana Basin,Kenya,International Journal for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction By Mwangi, J. K., Gathenya, J. M. & Ondieki, C. M. (2008)
  21. Determination of some Physico-chemical parameters of the Nairobi River, Kenya: By  Dulo, Simeon Otieno . J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage.  March, 2008 Vol. 12(1) 57 – 62.
  22. Evaluation of Reservoirs as Flood Mitigation Measure in Nyando Basin, Western Kenya Using SWAT:By Sang, Joseph; Gathenya, Mwangi; Ndegwa, George (2007)
  23. Regionalising Parameters of a Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Model for Stream Flow Estimation in Ungauged Catchments by: John K. Mwangi, John M. Gathenya, Christopher M. Ondieki (2007)
  24. Integrating Water Resource Management and Flood Management: A Community Participatory Approach A Case study of the Nyando river watershed in Kenya By: Dan Ongor (2007)
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  27. Managing the River Njoro Watershed, Kenya: Conflicting laws, policies, and community priorities by Francis K. Lelo, Wanjiku Chiuri, and Marion W. Jenkins  (2005)
  28. Challenges Facing the Conservation of Lake Naivasha, Kenya By: Caleb Mireri (2005)
  29. Community Participation in Integrated Water Resource Management: The Case of the Lake Victoria Basin. By: Dan Ongor (2005)
  30. Suspended sediment yields in the Nairobi area of Kenya and environmental controls, by David Archer Sir William Halcrow & Partners, Burderop Park, Swindon, Wiltshire SN4 OQD, UK,(1996),
  31. The occurrence and distribution of fluoride in groundwaters of Kenya by K. R. Nair, F. Manji J, N, Gitonga,(1984)

Category 2: Agricultural Water Management

    1.  Effect of irrigation schedules and planting methods on yield and water use efficiency of OKRA under Rice RAI-OKRA cropping system. By: Rahuk Kumar,Singh,Tej Pratap,Jagdeep,Chaurasiya,Ved Prakash Singh and Nareen Prakash Singh (2016)
    2. Agricultural Land, Water Management and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa. By; Nkonya, E., Mati, B.M., Locola, I., Lixia, R., Chessa, L., Altea, L. Rogerro, P.P. and Twomlow, S. In: Africa Agriculture Status Report – 2014: climate change and smallholder agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Nairobi, Kenya. Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), 2014. Pp 52 – 75.
    3. Determination of the Effect of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on Rice Yields and Water Saving in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kenya. By: Omwenga, K.G., Mati, B.M. and Home, P.G. Journal of Water Resource and Protection (2014), 6, 895-901.
    4. An evaluation of the factors influencing farmers’ willingness to pay (wtp) for irrigation water: the case of Ahero irrigation scheme in kenya by Samuel Onyango Omondi, Stephen G. Mbogoh* and Kimpei Munei (2014)
    5. Estimating Rice Yield under Changing Weather Conditions in Kenya Using CERES Rice Model. BY: Nyang’au, W. O., Mati, B. M., Kalamwa, K., Wanjogu, R. K. and Kiplagat L. K. International Journal of Agronomy, Volume 2014, Article ID 849496, 12 pages.
    6. Impacts of Small-Scale Water Management Interventions on Crop Yield, Water Use and Productivity in Two Agro-Ecologies of Malawi. By; Kadyampakeni, D.M., Kazombo-Phiri, S., Mati, B. and Fandika, I.R. Agricultural Sciences, (2014), 454-465.
    7. Drip irrigation scheduling in OKRA By:A.Abdul Haris,Sunil Kumar,A.K Singh and K.Rajan (2014)
    8. Option for Increasing Rice Yields, Profitability, and Water Saving; A Comparative Analysis of System of Rice Intensification in Morogoro, Tanzania By:Tusekelege H.K,Kangile,R.J Ngelenge,H.S Busudi,I.M Nyambo ,D.B and Nyiti E.(2014),%20issue%201/IJRB-2014-2-1-4-10.pdf
    9. . Water Productivity under the System of Rice Intensification from Experimental Plots and Farmer Surveys in Mwea, Kenya: By Ndiiri, J.A., Mati, B.M., Home, P.G. and Odongo, B. 2013. Taiwan Water Conservancy, Vol. 61, No. 4, pp 63-75.
    10. Adoption, constraints and economic returns of paddy rice under the system of rice intensification in Mwea, Kenya. By: Ndiiri, J.A. Mati, B.M. Home, P.G., Odongo, B. and Uphoff, N. Agricultural Water Management, 129 (2013) 44–55.
    11. System of Rice Intensification Gains Popularity in Kenya. SRI, More Rice, Less Water. By: Bancy Mati. Baobab Magazine March 2013, Vol 66, pp 11-13.
    12. Effect of different planting system on soil, water and rice productivity in the northern part of delta in Egypt By Zayes B.A,I.A El-Saiad,S.M.Bassioini and A.K.Salem (2013) file:///C:/Users/PC/Downloads/453-462%20(3).pdf
    13. Yield and water use of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.Moench) Under water management strategies in Akute,South-Western city of Nigeria. By Konyeha,S.Alatise,M.O (2013)
    14. Crop productivity,water use and weed control efficiency of Capsicon (Capsicum annum L.) under drip irrigation and mulching by V.K Choudhary and M.C.Bhambri (2013)
    15. Effect of different water regimes and organic manures on quality parameters on noni (Morinda Citrifolia) By:S.Mathu Kumar,and V.Ponnuswami) (2013)
    16. Comparison of water savings of paddy rice under System of Rice Intensification (SRI) growing rice in Mwea, Kenya. By: Ndiiri, J.A. Mati, B.M. Home, P.G., Odongo, B. and Uphoff, N. International Journal of Current Research and Review, (2012) 04 issue 06; pp 62-75.
    17. Effect of rain water harvesting and drip irrigation on crop performance in an Arid and Semi-Arid Environment :By J.W Kaluli,K.Nganga,P.G.Home,J.M Gathenya, A.W Muriuki and A.W Kihurani (2012)
    18. Soil and water contamination with carbofuran residues in agricultural farmlands in Kenya following the application of the technical formulation Furadan:  By  Peter O. Otieno, Joseph O. Lalah, Munir Virani, Isaac O. Jondiko And Karl-Werner Schramm (2010).
    19. Water use and yield response of tomato as influenced by drip and furrow irrigation By: B.Panagrahi,D.P.Roy, S.N.Panda. (2010)
    20. Nitrogen and water use efficiency of bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) as influenced by drip fertigation By:K.Bhanu Rekha,M.Govind Reddy and K.Maharishnan (2005).

Category 3: Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  1. Inadequacy of Safe Domestic Water Supply in Small Urban Centre’s in Kenya: A Case Study of Ahero Town, Kisumu County, Kenya by Otieno, Joseph Paul, 2Siakilo Emmanuel W (2015)…419.pdf&act=book
  2. Simulation of pressure variations within Kimili Water supply system using Epanet:By Christopher BwireRichard Onchiri,Njenga Mburu,(2015)
  3. Rainwater Harvesting Technologies in Makueni County, Kenya By: M. W.Kimani, A. N. Gitau and D. Ndunge (2015)
  4. An analysis of the household solid waste generation pattern and prevailing management practices in Eldoret town, Kenya: Okalebo,S.E., Opata G.P,and Mwasi,B.N. (2014)
  5. Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Sustainability Options: By Dr.Seetharam Chittor Jhansi, Dr Madhuri Shah,Dr Santosh Kumar Mishra (2013)
  6. Using GPS and recall to understand water collection in Kenyan informal settlements By: Ben Crow, James Davies, Susan Paterson, and Julio Miles (2013)
  7. Water-borne bacterial pathogens in surface waters of nairobi river and health implication to communities downstream athi river By: Abednego m. Musyoki, Mbaruk a. Suleiman, John n. Mbithi, and John m. Maingi (2013)
  8. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conditions in Kenyan Rural Schools: Are Schools Meeting the Needs of Menstruating Girls? By: Kelly T. Alexander , Clifford Oduor , Elizabeth Nyothach , Kayla F. Laserson ,Nyaguara Amek, Alie Eleveld , Linda Mason , Richard Rheingans , Caryl Beynon , Aisha Mohammed , Maurice Ombok David Obor , Frank Odhiambo, Robert Quick and Penelope A. Phillips-Howard (2014)
  9. Water and Wastewater Treatment in Africa Current Practices and Challenges. By: Hongtao Wang Tao Wang Bingru Zhang Fengting Li Brahima Toure Isaiah Bosire Omosa Thomas Chiramba Mohamed Abdel-Monem.(2013).
  10. Risk Perception, Choice of Drinking Water, and Water Treatment By: joseph Onjala ,Simon Wagura   Ndiritu,and Jesper Stage (2013)
  11. Assessment of Factors Affecting Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Schemes in Nyandarua County, Kenya: A Case of Kangui Water Scheme By: Kibuika F. Mwnagi, Wanyoike Daniel (2012)
  12. Towards a national policy on wastewater reuse in kenya: By J.W.Kaluli,G.Githuku,P.Home and B.M.Mwangi (2011)….pdf?sequence=3
  13. The Water Crisis in Kenya: Causes, Effects and Solutions: By Samantha Marshall. Global Majority E-Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1(June 2011), pp. 31-45.
  14. Domestic Roof Rainwater Harvesting sizing calculator and nomograph.Journal of agricultural science and technology: by. M. Gathenya,P.K.Kinyari and P.G.Home (2010)
  15. Sewage pollution in the Coastal waters of Mombasa City, Kenya: A norm Rather than an Exception Bokuku, E. O, Ohowa, B, Mwangi, S. N. Munga, D. Kiteresi, L. ,Wanjeri, V. O, Okumu, S. and Kilonzo J.(2010)
  16. Accessibility of water services in Kisumu municipality, Kenya By: George G. Wagah, George M. Onyango and Jacob K. Kibwage. (2010)
  17. The Water Crisis in Kenya: Causes, Effects and Solutions By Samantha Marshal (2010)
  18. Water, sanitation and hygiene: sustainable development and multisector approaches: By J. M. Raude, B. M. Mutua, M. Chemelil & K. Sleytr, (2009)
  19. Impacts of Water Hyacinth and Water Quality Change on Beneficial Uses of Lake Victoria, Uganda: By BALIRWA, John-Stephen WANDA, Fred-Masifwa and MUYODI, Fredrick-Jones. 13th World Lake Conference, Wuhan, China, 1-5 November 2009.
  20. Privatization of the urban water supply in Kenya: policy options for the poor By: O A K’Akumu (2002)

Category 4: Water Governance

  1. Community Participation in Water Sector Governance in Kenya:A Performance Based Appraisal of Community Water Management Systems; By James Maina ; Cush Ngonzo Luwesie Chris Allan Shisanya,Ishmail Mahiri George, Rose Adhiambo Akombo,Mary Nyawira Mutiso,(2014),
  2. Water governance in Kenya: Ensuring Accessibility, Service delivery and Citizen Participation, By Hilda Moraa, Albert Otieno, Anne Salim, (2012),
  3. Enhancing Water and Sanitation Governance in Kenya: By Kenya Water for Health Organisation (KWAHO), 2009.
  4. History of Water Supply  and Governance in Kenya (1895–2005): Lessons and Futures: By Ezekiel Nyangeri Nyanchaga. Water Policy 9 (2007) 529–543.
  5. Good governance  in the Kenyan water sector: Policies, pipes and the participation of the people –  water governance practices on the ground: 

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