About Us

Transport is a department under Administration Division of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology that facilitates all transport requirements of the  university and  its centres. It has a fleet of 55 vehicles to do the task.

The Department is headed by a transport manager, who currently is Mr. James N. Thimba. Under him is a 83 strong work force that include two assistant transport officers, a team of 57 drivers 5 mechanics, office staff and cleaners .

This far the department has handled its mandate very successfully


To be a centre of excellence in provision of institutional transport services.


To provide and maintain vehicles that are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.


  1. To fulfill the university transport requirements through provision of customer focused, planned and systematic transport services through implementation of transport policy.
  2. To maximize vehicle efficiency and service life through planned maintenance schedules and services.
  3. To enhance tracking fleet management and monitoring through GPS vehicle tracking and geo-fencing to avoid vehicle diversions.
  4. To facilitate financial prudence at the university through implementation of cost cutting measures.
  5. To enhance efficiency of transport services in the university.



To achieve our objectives we are guided by a laid out transport policy. This is a set of procedures and rules published in the following link.