Strategic Objective 1: Students Intake and Graduates

  • To increase the number of admissions
  • To improve the quality of teaching and examination
  • To improve retention of students and number of graduates

 Strategic Objective 2: Academic Programmes Offered

  • To raise and sustain academic standards in all Department’s  programme.

 Strategic Objective 3: Institutional Management and Resources

  • To enhance and sustain optimal human resource
  • To establish a culture of good governance
  • To generate and effectively manage financial resources within the department
  • To enhance department’s infrastructure and facilities

 Strategic Objective 4: Research and Innovations

  • To enhance strategic and value added research and innovation
  • To attract and retain staff with a demonstrated commitment to excellent in research and innovation
  • To increase income generation activities
  • To facilitate dissemination of research and innovation to target users

Strategic Objective 5: Partnership and Linkages

  • To improve on linkages and partnership with industry, offshore and research and development institutions.
  • To strengthen cultural and technological exchanges with institutions of higher learning

 Strategic Objective 6: Community Extension and Technological Transfer

  • To provide community needs-based extension services.
  • To facilitate transfer of appropriate technology and diffusion of new knowledge.