Message From Chairman

Welcome to department of Telecommunication and Information Engineering (T.I.E) website. I am confident that you will find all the information you need and our programs very relevant to the needs of a dynamic world.

As a department, we believe in being the very best and working together as a team towards achieving departmental goals with each person contributing towards the success of the department. We provide useful and suitable training to prepare our graduates to seamlessly fit into the engineering career

Since its inception, T.I.E department has been committed to excellence both in teaching, research, curriculum and social development. Our courses have a significant theoretical foundation coupled with design projects and industrial internship placement after every academic year. This makes our students have many opportunities both locally and internationally, if you have an ambition and desire to excel in Telecommunications and Information Engineering this is your home.

Thank you for visiting our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or should you have any questions.

Eng. Julius Weru

Chairman, T.I.E Department.