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Society of Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering (SOBEE) is a society in the Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering Department (BEED). The department offers three programs namely; Biomechanical and Processing Engineering (BPE), Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering (SWEE) and Agricultural Engineering (AE). All the students in the Department are members by default but full membership is attained upon payment of a registration fee of Kshs. 50 per semester.


The Society of Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering was originally called The Society of Agricultural Engineering students. The change in name came as a result of new programs which were launched in 2002. The formation of this society was meant to sensitize the engineering students in their field of training and to appreciate their profession. As the patron of the society, I want to take this opportunity to thank the current office bearers for work well done. Some of the achievements made are enrolling students for class BCE training driving test which had 100% pass. Also not to be left behind is the on going farm activities where vegetables have been grown for sale. These are income generating activities for the society that help it in executing some of its activities. l would like to register my appreciation to the chairman and his team for their dedication that has seen the society gain admirable attraction leading to improved membership and revival of some activities that had nose-dived due to lack of proper management. Finally, I want to encourage all students from the department to register and join the society.


The society is under the leadership of officials who are elected by the students in an open and transparent secret ballot election. The officials serve for a two-semester term before handing over to newly elected officials. The society has the face of the university through the support of the Chairman of the department Dr. Urbanus Mutwiwa and the Patron, Mr. Livingstone O. Mulamu.

The leadership includes:

1.Chairperson 2. Vice chairperson 3.Treasurer

Francis Muthangya Migaili Allan Amon Gachuri



Organizing secretary Projects coordinator Farm Manager
Alvanus Gichana Lincoln Waweru Tito Muia

Class representatives

Fredrick Oloo Rosylyne Nzomo Nancy Jepchirchir Ken Abamba

(5th Year SWEE) (5th Year BPE) (4th Year BPE) (4th Year SWEE)


Group photo of SOBEE officials with the Society Patron Mr. Mulamu



The society aims at engaging students in activities that will enable them apply skills learnt in class. It also gives them a chance to sharpen leadership skills and encourages team-work. Other activities give the members a better chance in the job market upon participation. These activities include:

  1. Farming – the society owns a piece of land in the vast JKUAT farm. The students manage the farm where they have planted more than one thousand stems of kales targeting the university catering units for the market. Skills applied include: land preparation (primary and secondary tillage) irrigation, weeding and disease and insect control through spraying and fertilizer and manure application.
  1. Driving – the society offers a driving as a course at affordable and student friendly charges to members and non-members to enable them acquire driving licenses before leaving campus. The candidates get a class BCE driving license upon passing the normal test by the Kenya Traffic Police. So far, more than sixty (60) students have benefited from this course. The latest group successfully completed and passed the test on 5th July 2013.
  2. Sports day – the society organizes and sponsors a sports day where all students from the department participate and compete in various games with a prize to be won at the end. This promotes socialization and interaction across the board among all students. The first semester sports day took place on 8th June 2013. All classes from the department i.e. 1st year to 5th year in all the programs were pooled to compete in a football tournament. 5th year BPE emerged the winners with 3rd year BPE emerging as the runners-up.
  1. Seminars and conferences – the society sent five (5) BPE and five (5) SWEE final year students to attend a WEDC/WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) conference held at Egerton University Njoro on 5th July 2013. The event aimed at showcasing WASH careers in a variety of organizations, advise on the skills and experience required to join these organizations, facilitate discussions between employers and potential employees, enable networking and the development of relationships between employers, educators and potential employees and understand the capacity/ skills set gaps faced by the sector.