Degree Options

SWEED now offer two options in both its Bachelors and Postgraduate programmes. These options are either Engineering or management oriented courses. To decide on which one suit consider the following the undergraduate engineering programme at SWEED has the following outcomes;
• Accurately diagnose and analyze problems that require engineering solutions
• Apply the knowledge of mathematics, sciences and engineering principles in solving problems in biological and natural systems
• Conduct basic and applied scientific research
• Creatively undertake design and construction in their field of engineering training
• Contribute to teamwork and perform efficiently in a multidisciplinary environment.
Currently there are two degree programmes which are offered, namely; Water and Environmental Management (WEM) and Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering. In addition there are more Engineering degrees being offered in JKUAT.
The Undergraduate Management programme at SWEED has the following outcomes
• To prepare students for a fulfilling career in the fields of natural resource development
• To apply basic sciences to solve problems in production systems and environmental protection
• To encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
• To develop a mindset for teamwork and leadership
• To develop a culture for continuous learning and development
• To produce engineers with capacity to solve problems and communicate effectively.