Short Course on AquaCrop

The Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering (SWEED) is keen to support the resurgent interest in irrigated agriculture and is, therefore, offering a short course on AquaCrop model. The model is a crop growth model developed by FAO’s Land and Water Division to address food security and assess the effect of the environment and management on crop production. AquaCrop is intended mainly for practitioners working for extension services, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations or farmer associations. The model is also useful to scientists as a training and education tool on the role of water in determining crop productivity. More about the model can be found here.

AquaCrop training

The course will provide participants with a basic understanding, practical skills and appreciation of the AquaCrop as a decision-making tool. The five days training program shall begin on 12th February 2018 and end on 16th February 2018 at the Department based in Main Campus – Juja. Other dates for training will be announced later. The course brochure can be download through the link.

Other short courses on offer

The Department also offers short courses on demand in the following areas:

  • Environmental Monitoring and Modeling.
  • Irrigation and Water Resources Management.
  • Aquaculture Technology.
  • Sustainable Ecological Sanitation (WASH).
  • Remote Sensing and GIS.
  • Hydrologic Modeling.
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Wastewater Management.

The Department is also ready to collaborate with government institutions, parastatals and companies to train their staffs to meet training gaps. However, this is subject to meeting the required minimum number of attendees.

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