About Us

The Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering Department (SWEED) is one of the department in the School of Biosystem and Environmental Engineering (SoBEE) under the College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC). Since its inception, the Department has continued to improve its programmes in trend with market demands.
The mission of SWEED is training, research, innovation and provision of professional services and extension in the following focal areas:

  • Irrigation and Drainage Management
  • Sustainable Land Management.
  • Clean energy Resources Development.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Aquaculture Technology.
  • Climate Risk Management for Water, Agriculture and Environment.

The Department has continued to produce leaders in the fields of agriculture and engineering. Currently, the department offers the following programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level:

Apart from a team of highly qualified teaching and technical staff, the department has fully equipped laboratories, and modern facilities for research teaching and practical training of students. This include a tuition farm, agricultural engineering workshop and computer laboratories. Training is highly practical oriented. Students are trained through lectures, practical tutorials and seminars giving them a solid theoretical background and strong practical approach.

The department produces specialized engineers combining environmental, biological and technical skills to harness natural resources for development while paying attention to environmental stability. It is the leading department in specialized training, research and innovation. Students from the department have a good insight into the most challenging problems on the boundaries between their disciplines and participate in multidisciplinary research in several level departments.

The department also collaborates with various reknown local and international institutions to undertake joint research projects and capacity building programmes. Currently, the department is involved in various research projects on current issues such as climate change, food security, protected cultivation, integrated water resources management, sustainable production and energy.