Build institutional capacity by

Increasing staff training programs

Strengthen collaboration and linkages in the Research institutions; industry in Kenya and abroad.

Improve and  expand  necessary infrastructure  for  training  in the  fields  of  Statistics,  Financial

Engineering, and Actuarial Science.

Specific  objectives  agreed  upon for  the  contracting  period   are  as  stated in  the   annexed to

this performance contract document.

The Department of Statistics and Atuarial Sciences (STACS), as part of a world class University,

JKUAT, is  committed  to  enhancing a   Quality  Management   System.  The staff members and

students  are  organs  aimed at  delivering  the  highest level  of excellence  in  research,  training,

innovation, technology transfer and financial transparency and accountability, within relevant

fields of study in the Department. STACS has invested, and will continue to invest in finding new

applications and technologies, that will improve and maintain performance in both academic and

administrative structures in order to fulfill our customer requirements, while maintaining high

standards of professional ethics and confidentiality.