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14The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (STACS) offers traini-
ng    at   the  undergraduate   and   postgraduate    levels.    Its   expertise
covers  a   broad    spectrum   of    fields   ranging   from    the   traditional
areas   of   Mathematical  Statistics,  such  as   Inference  Theory,  Survey
Theory   Experimental  Designs  to    applied    Statistics    areas   such as
Econometric s, Financial Risk  Management, and even  Modeling  Extreme
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(Mrs Jane Akinyi: Chairperson Statistics Department)



Dr Kibira Postgraduate Coordinator

From Post graduate desk: The department offers Masters degree in both Statistics and Applied statistics, Students with related degree in statistics are asked to apply for the course when is offered next. Students to check out  for course requirements here.

Award list for Fourth Years                                                 Supplementary and Specials 2017

Students taking Supplementary and Special Exams September 2017 the list is out Click here.


Students from the School of Mathematical Sciences,graduating in November 2017,  the award list is out Click here.