The Department of Physics is one of the seven departments in the College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS).

One of its main objectives is to bridge the technological gap for industrialization in Kenya by offering research oriented academic education.

Core Physics courses include: Quantum Theory, statistical mechanics, atomic, nuclear, particle and condensed matter physics as well as electronics are offered.  Optional advanced courses and seminars are offered in experimental physics, earth sciences, energy and the environment and other courses that may change from time to time.

The BSc. programme runs for 8 semesters.  However, the BSc. (Physics) students are not directly admitted to the department until third year of study subject to the fulfilment of the requirements for Physics department.  The minimum requirements to enter the Faculty of Science are outlined in clause 1.2 of the entry requirements for JAB students while those of the department of Physics are contained in clause 1.3.