Dr. Duncan Gathungu

Name: Duncan Gathungu
Area of research: Numerical Analysis, Partial Integro-differential equations (PIDES)
Office: NSC First Floor
Email address: dkioi@jkuat.ac.ke




PHD Applied Mathematics, Julius Maximillians Univesität Würzburg
MSC Applied Mathematics, JKUAT
BSC Mathematics, JKUAT


Ongoing Research

  1. Multilevel hierarchical matrix method for partial differential equations (PIDES)
  2. Finite element method for elastic PDEs in biomechanics


Research Publications

  1. D. Gathungu, M. Bebendorf, A. Borzì- Hierarchical matrix method for solving convection-diffusion partial integro-differential equations, Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (2017-submitted).
  2. D. Gathungu, A. Borzì- A multigrid scheme for solving convection-diffusion-integral optimal control problems, Computing and Visualization in Science (2017).
  3. D. Gathungu, A. Borzì- Multigrid solution of an elliptic Fredholm partial integro-differential equations with a Hilbert Schmidt integral operator. Applied Mathematics, 8(2017): 967-986.


Departmental Responsibilities

  1. Examination Officer 2018
  2. ADP Coordinator 2012-2013

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