Ongoing Research


Name: Richard Edward:

Phd: Unsteady Hydro-magnetic Jeffrey Hamel Flow with Variable Magnetic Field in the Presence of Inclined Magnetic field

Name: Samuel Kanyi Muondwe

Phd: Magnetohydrodynamic Fluid flow past contracting surfaces in a rotating system with heat and mass transfer

Name: William Kuria Ndungu

Phd: Effect of lan change maneuvers on traffic breakdown and congestion in highways

Name: Stephen karanja

Phd: Parametric study of turbulent natural convection in an enclosure with localized heating and cooling

Name: Pauline Nzula Mutisya

Phd: Thermo-hydrodynamic lubrication analysis of a spring supported thrust bearing

Name: Zacharia buru Mbugua

Phd: The analysis of a mono – fluid flow between vibrating parallel plates in presence of variable magnetic fields with heat and mass transfer

Name: Amos Kituku Mutua

Msc: Combinatorial properties, invariants and structures of the actions of a product of some permutation groups