Research Publications

1 Topic Analysis of convective heat transfer of fluid flow over an axi-symmetrical body with curved surfaces
Researcher(s) Duncan Kioi, Prof. Kinyanjui Mathew, Prof. Kwanza Jackson
Status of Research Completed
2 Topic MHD flow over a stretching surface in a rotating system with heat and mass transfer
Researcher(s) Kang’ethe Giterere, Prof. M. Kinyanjui, Prof. S.M. Uppal
Status of Research Completed
3 Topic Relationship between prime factors of a number and its categorization as either friendly or solitary
Researcher(s) Richard K. Gachimu, Prof. Cecilia Mwathi, Dr. I.N. Kamuti
Status of Research Completed
4 Topic Investigating the maximal determinant of an x matrix
Researcher(s) Okello Irene, Prof. Cecilia Mwathi, Dr. B. Kivunge
Status of Research Completed
5 Topic Buoyancy Driven free convention heat transfer in an enclosure
Researcher(s) Sigey  J. K, Gatheri F.K, Kinyanjui M.N.
Status of Research Completed . JAGST Vol 12(1) 2010