About Us

The Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics (PAM) has a Charter that has been formulated with an objective of defining who we are, our stakeholders, our customers and also our services and standards whose main aim is to improve service delivery to the customers at the Department. We have also developed benchmarks for the delivery of services so that our customers are aware of what to expect once they come for our services. Once services are provided, the customer will be able to judge whether we have met the standards as stipulated in the service charter and we would appreciate to receive the feedback.

Our Vision

Stimulation of interest in Mathematics as a useful and enjoyable area of study.

Our  mission

Provision of skills and knowledge necessary for higher academic careers, industry and government/public service jobs.

Goals and objectives of the Department

  1. To equip students with analytic, computational, social, and other developmental skills that will enable them to carry out activities that require decision-making analysis both in the work-place and in the industry.
  2. To prepare students for a career in mathematics and computer fields. The program creates a foundation requisite for their entry into various fields such as banking, engineering, business, academics, etc.
  3. To produce students with advanced mathematical and computational skills which have great demand in the job market.
  4. The objectives of each course unit are clearly known by the teaching staff and the same is communicated to the students.
  5. The goals and objectives of the programmes offered in the department are reviewed in four-year cycles so as to adapt the content to the dynamic world.