Objectives, Core Values & Philosophical Statement

i) To prepare nurses with a broad body of knowledge base that facilitates critical and creative     thinking
ii) To equip the learners with the requisite skills, competencies and appropriate attitudes in To order to enhance and continuously improve the delivery  of quality nursing and health care at various levels and settings of health care delivery.
iii) To inculcate in learners the professional virtues that will facilitate client safety and accountability in the provision of care.
iv) To help learners internalize the professional obligation of continuing life- long learning in order to facilitate evidence based nursing practice.

* Tolerance
* Open-mindedness
* Nonjudgmental mind-set
* Curiosity
* Persistence, intellectual courage and proactivity
* Respect for others’ perspectives; flexibility
* Intellectual humility (knowing that one does not have all the answers)
* Self-confidence (belief in own ability to think things through and make appropriate decisions).


The Nursing faculty there believes that:
* Nursing is a humanistic discipline that is both art and science. The purpose of nursing is to promote wellness and to care for those who are ill.
* The discipline of nursing encompasses science, humanities, ethics, values, and the heritage of nursing, and is defined by the relationships and interactions among the concepts of client, environment and health.
* The aim of professional nursing practice is to enhance the quality of life for clients.
* Nursing practice is based on an understanding of the interactions of client and environment in relation to health.
* Improving and expanding the theoretical and practical base of nursing practice is achieved through continuing professional development, research and creative activity.