Dr. Mutisya Albanus Kyalo

photo-2Position: Lecturer, Chairman, Department of General Nursing
Professional Qualifications: PhD (Nursing Sciences), MScN (Critical care Nursing), BScN, CEN (Israel)
Email:  amutisya@jkuat.ac.ke
Area of Specialization:Critical Care /Medical & Surgical Nursing, Trauma & Emergency
Teaching /Research Interests: Nursing, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Nursing Practice, Non Communicable Diseases, Health Promotion and Reproductive health.

Mutisya A.K., Karani A. and Kigondu C.(2015): Research Utilization among Nurses at a Teaching Hospital in Kenya; Journal of Caring Sciences,4(2); 95-104.
Mutisya A.K., Karani A. and Kigondu C.(2013): Research activities among nurses in a teaching and referral hospital in a developing country, Kenya; International Journal of Health Professions, 1(1): 32-37.
Mutisya A.K. and Maina P.W. (2011):Infection prevention and control in operating theatres: perspectives and practices at KNH; Kenya Nursing Journal,41(2); 11-22.
Mutisya A.K., Odero T.A., Rajula R.E., Musandu J.O. (2009): Factors affecting clinical decision making by Nurses at the Critical Care Unit in KNH; Kenya Nursing Journal,38 (1); 4 – 14).
Mutisya A.K.(2015): Enhancing evidence based nursing practice through a capacity building program in a developing country, Kenya. Presented at the Merck-Africa Research Summit in Geneva, Switzerland on 19 – 21 October 2015.
Mutisya A.K.(2015): Nursing research and evidence based practice: Assessment, educational intervention and its outcome at KNH, Kenya. Presentedat the 3rd KNH/UoNInternational Scientific Conference on 10-12th June 2015 at University of Nairobi.
Mutisya A.K. (2013): Factors influencing nursing research and evidence based nursing practice among nurses in critical care units at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya.Presented at the 55thNational Nurses’ Association of Kenya Annual Scientific Conference at St Andrews, Nairobi.
Mutisya A.K (2010): Infection prevention and control in operating theatres: perspectives and practices at KNH. Presented at the 3rd KNH Annual Scientific Conference.
Mutisya et al (2009): Motivation among Nurses: Perspectives and Challenges at KNH
Mutisya et al (2009): Documentation among Nurses: Knowledge, Attitude & Practice at KNH Presented at the 2nd KNH Annual Scientific Conference at KNH.
Mutisya et al (2009): A survey of customer satisfaction at accident and emergency department, KNH. Presented at the 2nd KNH Annual Scientific Conference.

Professional Membership
Nursing Council of Kenya (Reg No 163)
National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK)
Emergency Nurses Association of Kenya (E-nak)
Training Partner with National Resuscitation Council of Kenya (NRCK)


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