Bachelor of Science Nursing

The department currently offers a Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme

Admission criteria

Direct entry
The minimum entry requirements are mean grade of C+ in KCSE or its equivalent with C+    in each of the following cluster subjects: English, Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry Mathematics or Physics.

RN to BScN Upgrading
•    KCSE aggregate C plain plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KCE/EACE Division 2 plus Diploma in Nursing
•    KACE 1Principal and 2 Subsidiaries plus Diploma in Nursing

•    At least 2 years working experience after attainment of the Diploma in Nursing

Programme duration

1 Direct Entry- Four (4) academic years on a full time basis

2 Upgrading-    Two and a half academic years on part-time basis (2 days in a week)

3 Graduates of the programme will undertake a one year internship programme and sit for a licensing examination as prescribed by the Nursing Council of Kenya


The graduates of the programme are highly marketable locally and across the borders. Job opportunities in the local market include among others:
•    Ministry of Health
•    Private and Mission Hospitals
•    Non-Governmental Organizations
•    Research Institutions

BScNursing Course Structure

59 thoughts on “Bachelor of Science Nursing

  1. i would like to persue bachelor of science nursing, have a B- of 57 with Biology B+ ,English B-,Kiswahili B, Maths C- ,Chemistry C+,Geography C , CRE B- and Business B+ .Is it possible?

  2. I have a mean grade of C+ and I want to study bachelor of science Nursing and I attain the following cluster point
    Biology B-
    Chemistry B-
    Eng/kiswahili B-
    Can I able to pursue

    Waiting for your reply thanks

  3. Can I pursue masters in nursing if I have done bachelor of commerce from K.U, I am planning to do nursing diploma at kmtc from next year.

  4. For upgrading how long ? And how much .
    I had B- grade Chemistry c+ English C+ Kiswahili c maths D+. I am. KRCHN 4years experience

  5. Hae.
    Inquiring about the upgrading program. What is the cost and are the two days a specific day and lastly when is the next class.

    • Classes are commencing in August. For international students, your certificate has to be translated through the nursing council

  6. Hey.I have a mean grade of B plain
    Maths C+,EngC+ bio B- Chem I qualify in this course. And if yes.when is the next intake And how much is the fees per year??
    .am looking forward to your reply,thanks.

  7. Hi..I’m from north eastern I have mean grade c+ and c- in biology and kis and eng and B in chem through arid and semi arid (Asal) can get degree in nursing..kcse I did it 2017

  8. I have a mean grade ofC+: Kiswahili C+, Maths C, Biology D, Chemistry B- what if i bridge maths and biology will i join nursing

  9. Hi my name is Venus I obtained a grade of ” B” KCSE 2017 with Eng B-, KIS B, MATB+, BIO C, CHEM B, GEO B+, CRE B, BUS
    B- I would like to pursue a degree course in nursing please advise.

  10. hello…i completed high school in 2009 and i obtained the following grades, Maths B+, Chemistry B, Biology A-, English C+
    Is it possible for me to do this degree

  11. Hey,am faith i attain a mean grade of B- with
    Chemistry B
    Biology C+
    Math C
    English B-
    Will i qualify for the degree programe?

  12. Hi. I would like to join the PhD in nursing programme starting this January. I have the qualifications and the concept paper ready. Can I apply or its late?

  13. I want to upgrade from a nursing diploma to a degree in either renal,perioperative care nursing or pediatric nursing, having met the requirements above how much is the cost and can I get a vacancy in the next intake of 2018?

    • The school offers MSc in Nursing for various specialties e.g critical care, oncology and palliative, reproductive health, med surg, community health nursing among others

  14. I have a daughter who did kcse 2016 and attained a B plain of 64 points but due to her twin sisters illness she couldn’t join university neither did she request to any adminission in university. kindly advise if she could still apply through help loan for a BSC in nursing she had B Plain in English, Maths, B+ , C+ in Biology, B- In Chem, B plain in Kiswahili, B In Physics A In CRE

    • She qualifies for the programme. She can apply- Registration on progress. Classes are starting in August

  15. a am humphrey…i scored B- of 57 2017 kcse can i qualify for nursing direct entry at jkuat with

    ENG B-
    swahili C
    Maths B
    Biology C+
    Chem B
    History B+
    Business B-

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