Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The course has been designed to produce ‘hands-on’ professionals with a broad range of skills in laboratory-based biomedical sciences.


Applicants must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree in any biological-based discipline from a university recognized by the JKUAT Senate with the equivalence of an honours degree.

PGDip MLS full-time module duration: 1 year (Learning on Mondays to Fridays)

PGDip MLS part-time module duration: 2 years (Learning on Fridays to Sundays)

 Course Content
MLS 2410 Healthcare Ethics and Law
MLS 2500 Human Anatomy and Physiology
MLS 2501 Medical Behavioural Science
MLS 2502 Cytology and Histopathology
MLS 2503 Clinical Chemistry
MLS 2504 Medical Bacteriology
MLS 2505 Medical Parasitology and Vector biology
MLS 2506 Medical Immunology
MLS 2507 Haematology
MLS 2508 Blood Transfusion and Phlebotomy
MLS 2509 Medical Mycology
MLS 2510 Medical Virology
MLS 2511 Pharmacology
MLS 2512 Good Clinical Laboratory Practice
MLS 2513 Biomedical Research Methodology
HRD Entrepreneurship Skills
MLS 2514 Biomedical Research Project (2 units)
MLS 2515 Clinical Attachment (16 weeks)
MLS 2516 Practical/Oral I:
MLS 2517 Practical/Oral II:
MLS 2518 Practical/Oral III: