Department of Mining, Materials and Petroleum Engineering

Mining engineering utilizes science and technology in the process of taking mineral resources from the earth in response to man’s needs.  Mineral processing engineering on the other hand involves separating valuable elements of material from unwanted waste material from the ore body or ground in which they occur in the most economic way.  The extracted mineral must then be put in a form that is more easily usable.  The department prepares graduates who are conversant with both mining and mineral processing.  The candidate however, specializes in the final years of study.

In addition to the theory classes the programme has attachment sessions where students work in relevant mining industries within or outside the country.

After completing the programme, the Mining Engineer should be capable of applying science and technology to plan, design, develop, optimize, operate and manage mining and mineral projects anywhere in the world. He/she is trained to carry out professional duties using their knowledge of sound environmental technology with the conscious effort to maximize returns on investment

Career Prospects

Mining engineering graduates pursue careers in mining (surface and underground), mineral exploration, equipment manufacturing and sales, and mineral commodity markets. They find employment in mining companies, sales and service industries, banking and financial institutions, exploration companies, and water engineering companies. Since human population continues to increase with increasing complexity of taste and comfort, there is need for more minerals in the phase of competition for capital and hence an ever increasing need for more Mining Engineers.