Mr. James Wamai

Designation: Assistant Lecturer

Area of Research: Manufacturing Systems, Non-conventional Machining with a specialty in Electrical Discharge Machining.


Telephone: +254-067-587001-4, Ext. 2359.




JW Mwangi, BW Ikua, SK Bojer, SK Kabini, GN Nyakoe, JM Kihiu, Effect of Capacitance on Electrical Discharge Machining Using an RC type Pulse Generation Circuit“, May. 2017.

JW Mwangi, H Zeidler, C Brauner, M Wahlschlogel, A Schudert,Heat affected zone analysis for laser and micro-electrical discharge machined nitinol“, Conference Proceedings from the International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies, May. 2017.

JW Mwangi, H Zeidler, C Brauner, T Berger, A Schudert, “Influence of dielectric fluid and tool electrode choice on micro-EDMed nitinol surface integrity“, euspen’s 17th International Conference & Exhibition, May. 2017.

BW Ikua, JM Kihiu,  SK Kabini, SK Bojer,  JW Mwangi,  GN Nyakoe,The Performance of a Resistance-Capacitance Type Pulse Generation Circuit in Electrical Discharge Machining“, Sept. 2016.

For more publications , James Wamai’s Google scholar profile.

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