2014 Sustainable Research and Innovation Conference

Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th May, 2014

Nairobi, Kenya



There is an emerging trend worldwide of governments re-aligning their focus on GDP growth to be based on research and innovation output, rather than on the traditional sources such as mineral wealth or tourism. This shift in itself forms the backbone of sustainable development, in that it relies on an inexhaustible source of wealth. Kenya is also slowly shifting its focus to research development and innovation, as witnessed by the increased amount of funding towards research. Sustainable research has been taking a multi-disciplinary approach, where no research field can succeed on its own if it does not incorporate inputs from other fields. Another reason for the same approach may be attributed to the mobilization of resources, owing to the fact that sustainable research and innovation can be capital intensive.

The theme for the 2014 Annual Conference is “Sustainable Research and Innovation”. The wide selection of topics below allow the participants an opportunity to share experiences and articulate how their activities fit in the process of industrialization and possibly the flagship projects stipulated in the Kenya Vision 2030.


The papers to be presented will include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  1. Environmental management research
  2. Sustainable research strategies
  3. Energy generation and supply optimization
  4. New and renewable energy solutions
  5. Technology transfer to industry and society
  6. Industrialization strategies for vision 2030
  7. Climate change and pollution control
  8. Industrial processes performance and control
  9. Optimization strategies in transport sector
  10. Emerging manufacturing trends
  11. Power transmission and utilization
  12. Communication improvement strategies
  13. Mineral exploration, mining and processing strategies
  14. Industrial maintenance processes
  15. Quality management techniques
  16. Petroleum exploration and processing

Interested persons should send their information electronically to sri@eng.jkuat.ac.ke

Deadline for receiving abstracts:       31 January 2014
Communication to authors:                15 February 2014
Deadline for receiving final paper:     21 March 2014
Communication to authors:                28 March 2014
Email abstracts and papers to: sri@eng.jkuat.ac.ke

Paid by Friday March 22, 2014:
All Participants                                                 US$ 100
Post-Graduate Students(JKUAT)                    US$ 50

Exhibition space will be available at the conference venue.
All Participants:                                                US$ 100
JKUAT Members:                                             US$ 50
JKUAT students:                                               Free

Payment shall be by cheque in favor of the ‘JKUAT SRI CONFERENCE’, or by cash at the conference venue.

The conference will be held at the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) facilities located within the Main Campus of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

Web: www.jkuat.ac.ke/sri
Email: sri@eng.jkuat.ac.ke


Accommodation (at own expense) for conference participants can be arranged at affordable rates within the AICAD conference facility, in Thika town or in Nairobi City.


The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is located about 50 kilometres from the conference venue (Juja). The main form of transport is by Taxis, which will charge about US$ 50 (KES 4,000).


International participants are encouraged to visit the numerous tourist attractions around Nairobi at their own cost.  Nairobi City has a national park that offers a Safari walk, where visitors can see various wild animals in their natural habitat. A game drive may also be organized.


57 Responses to 2014 Sustainable Research and Innovation Conference

  1. charles mukoma says:

    Great to see you organise the upcoming innovation conference .im a journalist and i report on such a field.i ask you to invite me for the conference .0736179606.Best regards

  2. I would like to speak on the “Fuzzy Applications in the area of Finance Sector: A vision for 2030″

  3. Stephen N Waweru says:

    We have a registered patent for a cleaning machine and looking to commercialize.Do we fit in these?Thank you.

  4. Nelson Ojijo says:

    Would the topic ‘Towards Vision 2030: Small-scale Agro-industries as an Avenue for Rural Industrialization’ be relevant to your conference? I think that the interface between agriculture and engineering is of particular importance to economies (e.g. Kenya’s) that are largely agro-based; but it may not fit in any of your sub themes.

  5. clement maiko says:

    I wish to talk about energy generation and optimization

  6. GRACE GITU says:

    This is agood idea. I would like to talk about Access and Use of Quality Seeds by Small Scale Farmers for Vision 2030. Does this fit in your requests?

  7. Laxman KC says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is Laxman KC. I am a traffic/transportation engineer currently working in Nepal bearing director in Action Nepal. My major roles are detailed traffic impact studies, transportation planning, road safety etc.

    As a matter of fact, the traffic and transportation situation of Nepal is quite pity. As per the official statistics provided by the Nepal Police, Traffic Directorate crash rate in Nepal in the year 2009/10 was 11,747. The situation has further worsened in recent years than before. Traffic fatalities increased by 97.27% from 2001 to 2010 which is incomparable with the industrialized nations.

    I am glad on know that you are organizing this conferences in April 2012

    I am highly interested to make a paper for the conference and share the current situation with the professional of both developed and developing nations.

    I would be happy with you if you kindly make your higher consideration to make my trip possible to attend the conference.


    Laxman KC


    Action Nepal

  8. DR Hossam ELDEEN GALAL says:

    I am really want to share in this conference whould i send it today?

  9. DR Hossam ELDEEN GALAL says:

    I just found your conference site , may i share by polluted water mangment abstract today please reply on my E mail

  10. Lucy says:

    I am working on ‘management of plant mites using natural plant products.’ Does this fit in any of your subthemes and which one?

  11. A Kumar says:

    Thanks for accepting the abstract.
    Whether the proceedings are published and in what form? If published, then When? (Some conferences take a long time for proceedings to be printed)

  12. kimeu says:

    i am a student and would like to attend the conference,is there a provision for attendees not presenting papers?

  13. Asaph Mbugua says:

    I have sent some abstracts for consideration for the forthcoming conference.

    The deadline is over and am requesting for consideration.

    Thanks in advance


  14. kim36 says:

    Thanx alot the organizers of this confer. I’ll send my abstractz


    Do i fit in this conference?

  16. erica mbeke says:

    i am an undergraduate student in jkuat.Is it possible for me participate?

  17. I’m in Philippines. I like to present an Integrated Biosystem Farming Model. Shall you give me an estimate amount of money(dollar currency) needed to come in Nairobi, Kenya.

  18. Hello Madam/Sir. I would like to participate by presenting a paper on energy generation and supply optimization focusing on nuclear energy generation and optimization as viable, renewable and justifiable alternative to the increasing energy demand and global dependence on fossil fuel that lead to GHG emission with damaging consequence on the global climate.

  19. Julia Onchieku says:

    Hi, I hope you are all well. I work for Projector Solutions. We provide Conferencing equipment eg. P.A Systems, Visual equipment, Interpretation equipment, video coverage and photography and several other products. Kindly let me know when we could have a meeting to discuss on how we can be able to provide great solutions to make your conference successful.

    Thank you.

  20. Rufus Abosede says:

    Hello Sir/Ma, I will like to participate by presenting a paper on “Gown to Town: A New Approach”. The paper is on how technology moves from the academia through the industry to the society.
    Thank you.

  21. hi, please create room for local students interested in any of the above with subsidized prices to empower the because sincerely i don’t think they could demand much since they could be available and coming from around.

  22. PRINCE says:

    i am a Ghanaian and i am an undergraduate, please can i attend the conference?
    and please can i pay the fees with my credit card? thank you

  23. PRINCE says:

    and please i just want to participate without submitting any abstract, can i participate?

  24. Isaac N. says:

    Are you still accepting abstracts? Would the title “Institutionalization of project management practices by county governments in Kenya” be ideal for the conference? Would there be a proceedings publication after the conference?

  25. Dr. Jackson Wachira Muthengia says:

    I am working on Concentration (Beneficiation) of Titanium in Kenyan Rocks from a Chemistry Approach. Do I fit to present?

  26. Nancy says:

    I would like to present a paper related to English language since this will be the language of communication during the conference. Will this fit in?

  27. nannette says:

    am an undergraduate student in jkuat and i would like to attend without presenting any papers.is it possible for me to?

  28. Anjola says:

    I just saw your conference post today and would like to be part of it.kindly give me some info,if i can still send my paper on animal production to your conference.i am a senior instructor from a Nigerian institution

    • rndeda says:

      Hello Anjola, thanks for taking interest in our upcoming conference. However i regret to inform you that the deadline for submitting abstracts was on 15th February 2013 and has therefore passed. Please keep in touch for future conferences. Thanks.

  29. Sultan M. Hamid says:

    Hi, I have submitted my paper through the given e-mail address (sri@eng.jkuat.ac.ke), Please confirm whether you have received it.


  30. Comrade says:

    I am a student in JKUAT and I can’t recall any publicizing of this, and if was done, wasn’t intensive,,,I stand to be corrected.
    Def booking a date with you, impressive approach

  31. Justus Kimurgor Rotich says:

    $100 is approx. over KSh.8,000 if am not wrong,is this applicable to presenters from other kenyan institutions?

  32. Ajit Pal Singh says:

    Dear Sir
    In this conference participants can come from Ethiopia country?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Ajit Pal Singh

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