Final Year Projects 2011

The fifth year Mechatronic Engineering Students presented projects that they have been working on since May 2011. Amongst the projects up for presentation were:

  • Voice Actuated Wheel-chair
  • Studio Camera Control
  • GPS based Speed Control
  • Development of a 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Automatic Car Park



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9 Responses to Final Year Projects 2011

  1. daniel says:

    add more projects .Does it mean that students do these projects in groups coz to me there too few.Or is the class generally small.

  2. Francis Too says:

    Hi, really like what you have done to show Mechatronics in action. Go ahead and even tell us the past done projects.

  3. erick says:

    hey where is our SCADA? OR the vision died? ?

  4. Derrick Gaitho says:

    Please update this page on the projects that have been done in the past year i.e 2012/2013 for the Bsc.Mechatronic Engineering Class 2012.

  5. NelsonMongare says:

    Iz the actual qualification for BSc a B- or is that for the parralel

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