Teaching Assistantship

Mechanical Department believes that to continue offering market based programs and cutting edge research for our country’s development and beyond; it has to continuously train its staff member to keep them abreast with the latest technology and also retain the crème de la crème of our graduate; who are then offered scholarships either locally or abroad to specialize in their preferred area of study; either Msc. or PHD in Mechanical, Marine and Mining programs. It is with this sort of training that we are able to build capacity and acquire/develop the core competencies that are needed to work in any world class institution and centers of excellence.
This year, a group of eight former students were recruited from the rich alumni pool of graduates as teaching assistants and are hereto expected to be enrolled in any of the various disciplines in Msc. Mechanical, Marine or Mining Engineering Courses. Teaching assistantship is a training grade in which candidates are sponsored for both MSc and PhD after which they can be recruited as members of the faculty of the department. The alumni group in turn has a chance to contribute positively to the growth of the department. This has ensured succession and continuity of quality research and performance of the department.
The department also understands the need for diversity of ideas and from time to time recruit members of staff from other universities. This has worked in enriching the various programs offered in our department.

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