MSc. Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a Master of Science degree course in Mechanical engineering in the following subject areas:

  • Industrial Engineering,
  • Design and Production Engineering, and
  • Advanced Thermodynamics and Fluids Engineering.

The program consists of course work in the first year, and a project and thesis in the second year of study. The programme is designed to equip a student with the theoretical knowledge, skills and experience requisite for pursuing research and/or an academic career to provide specialized practical knowledge, skills and exposure to state of art technology for a person who wishes to pursue a career in the industry. The course work consists of four core units and two elective units. Upon completion of course work a student is expected to undertake research and subsequently write thesis. The research part of the programme takes between six and nine months.

Minimum entry requirement:

The following are the Requirements for admission into the programme:

  1. Holders of at least 2nd class honours (Upper Division) B Sc degree in relevant field from JKUAT or any other institution recognized the University Senate.
  2. A Holder of 2nd class honours (Lower Division). B Sc degree from JKUAT or any other institution recognized the University Senate as being of equivalent academic status and who in addition must show proof of either two years relevant experience and professional development or academic advancement through research and publication since graduation with the Bachelors degree


Course Units:

Industrial Engineering

Year   1
Core courses:
EEME 3100 Factory Design and Layout
EME 3101 Quality Control
EME 3103 Industrial Management
EME 3104 Applied Mathematics
Elective courses:
EME 3102 Maintenance Management and Control
EME 3105 Production and Operations Management
EME 3106 Production and Inventory Control
EME 3107 Economic Decisions in Industrial Management
EME 3108 Forecasting
EME 3109 Ergonomics
EME 3110 Methods Engineering
EME 3111 Operations Research
EME 3145 Manufacturing Systems
EME 3146 Application of CAD and CAM
EME 3112 Project

Design and Production Engineering

Year 1
Core courses:
EME 3104 Applied Mathematics
EME 3140 Engineering Measurements and Control
EME 3141 Applied Stress Analysis
EME 3142 Machine Vibrations
Elective courses:
EME 3143 Finite Element Theory and Application
EME 3144 Lubrication Theory and Design
EME 3145 Manufacturing Systems
EME 3146 Application of CAD and CAM
EME 3147 Production Technology
EME 3148 Machining Processes and Tool Technology
EME 3149 Materials Technology
EME 3105 Production Management
EME 3106 Production and Inventory Control
EME 3109 Ergonomics
EME 3150 Design of Mechanisms
EME 3151 Applied Plasticity in Metal Forming
EME 3152 Design of Curved Shapes
EME 3153 Optimal Control Theory
EME 3154 Composite Materials and Plastics
EME 3112 Project

Advanced Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Year   1
Core courses:
EME 3120 Advanced Thermodynamics
EME 3121 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
EME 3122 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
EME 3104 Applied Mathematics.
Elective courses:
EME 3124 Drying
EME 3125 Combustion and Pollution
EME 3126 Internal Combustion Engines
EME 3127 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
EME 3128 Fluid Dynamics of Turbo machinery
EME 3129 Modeling and Computation of Turbulent Flows
EME 3130 Thermal Power Plant Engineering
EME 3112 Project