Mentorship program for female students

Mechanical Engineering Department is proud to have about 30 female students enrolled in the various undergraduate programs including Mechanical, Marine and Mining Engineering courses.  Being the minority, the Department has put in place measures to ensure that the female students realize their full potential and succeed in the male dominated field. One of these measures is a Female Students Mentorship Program where the students meet every semester and guest speakers invited to share their experiences (both successes and challenges) as female Engineers in the field.

Other aspects of the mentorship program are; to familiarize with other female students in the Department and discuss any challenges/barriers that the students may be facing, so that they can be addressed conclusively. In effect, this effort, while making female students feel at home, is designed to enable them share the story of what Mechanical Engineering entails so as to attract more female students to our Department. It is this diversity that we believe will fan innovation in our country.

This semester’s event was held on the 23rd May 2012. The guest speakers were;  Ms. Colleta from the Rural Electrification Authority (REA), the Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. H. M. Ndiritu and the Director of University-Industry Liaison Office, Eng. B. K. Kariuki. Previously we had Eng. S. N. Kahiu from the Institute of Energy and Environment Technology, JKUAT, who has a vast experience in the Energy sector.

This semester also, courtesy of Mechanical Engineering Department, we hosted female students from Mechatronic Engineering Department as well and had a very interactive session with all the students present. As a Department, we hope to motivate the female student to excel in their respective fields and make life changing contributions to the society as a whole.

Ms. Doreen Irungu, an alumnus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and currently a member of staff in the Department, coordinates this program and has been diligently running it for the last two years. The Department acknowledges her contribution and appreciates her coordination of this important event.

2 thoughts on “Mentorship program for female students

  1. This gives me the spirit to work harder in my final year in high school so as to realize my dream in Marine Engineering.

  2. All the best Elizabeth, and we wish to see you join us come next year. You can do it and you are only afew metres away so to speak, so put the best foot foward and go for it.

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