Awareness Seminar on Implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) Based on ISO 9001:2008

On the 21st of February 2013, all the staff of Mechanical Engineering department together with four members of staff from Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs office, underwent an ISO awareness course on quality management systems which was conducted by Eng. B.K. Kariuki a certified ISO lead auditor in the old Board room at the main Campus.

The course began with some brief introductory remarks from the Chairman Mechanical Department , Dr. H. Ndiritu who said that the workshop was necessitated by the need to have new and existing members of staff undergo an ISO operators training course. This was geared towards improving operations that ensures quality delivery of services by members of the department.

Eng. Kariuki started off by comparing Kenya, in 1960 with other East Asian countries such as South Korea and Singapore whose annual per capita income were lower than that of Kenya. These countries later adopted quality management systems that rapidly transformed them among the top 15 industrialized countries and per capita incomes that are 20 times greater than that of Kenya. Eng Kariuki attributed this to diligence in the work ethics of the nationals of those countries which was inspired by visionary leadership. Eng Kariuki challenged members of staff to adopt good diligence in their work culture which will not only make the department perform well in operations but also ensure a customer focus that is the main basis and spirit of quality management system.

It was impressive to note that the entire processes requirements are well outlined as guidelines in the various clauses of the ISO 9001:2008 standards which is available to all departments within the university. This gives all requirements that need to be fulfilled before an organization can be given the ISO certification and deemed compliant. It is the duty of the staff members to understand these laid out standards and procedures for quality practice. Eng Kariuki cautioned that ISO certification is revocable if audits are carried out and the non conformities pointed out are not addressed. Therefore it is the duty of all members of staff to safeguard the ISO certification achievement.

Eng Kariuki divided the training into six easy and understandable sessions consisting of
1. Basic concepts of Quality
2. Understanding ISO 9000 family of standards
3. Quality management principles
4. Requirements of ISO 9001:2008
5. Quality Management Systems Documentation
6. Introduction to ISO quality audit

The delivery of the training was integrated with examples and Eng Kariuki ensured that there were sufficient discussions within the sessions to ensure staff members were kept actively involved. The training skills of Eng. Kariuki are no doubt the reason why he has emerged the best trainer in the university.
At the end of the training the interactive sessions left members yearning for more. In closing the Training, the Chairman promised to lobby the university management to support regular training of all staff and also to ensure selected members of department of mechanical undergo ISO implementers training. He also urged members to practice what they had learnt in the workshop.

Mr Kiragu who is a member of the departmental ISO committee gave thanks to all members of the department for attending. He also thanked Eng. Kariuki for facilitating the training. On behalf of the department, he thanked the university management through the Management Representative (DVC APD) and the planning section for organizing and funding the training. Such an eye opening course if rolled out to all departments in the university can only lead to smooth operation and retain the university’s position as the most preferred destination of future students and members of the industry.

Participants during the awareness seminar

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