Student’s life

Learning to live in a community with people from all walks of life can teach you a lot, and, what’s more, it can be fun! Learning occurs all over the campus – both inside and outside of the classroom. The department provides a broad variety of activities and programs to assist students participate actively in the society, and in developing skills and knowledge of leadership, wellness service and diversity.

The departmental staff, and administrators are always there to lend friendship and support. Students are afforded the availability of a myriad services and activities, opportunities for sharing and personal growth, and the pursuit of knowledge that will give them the power to be successful.

Word of advice from the Chairman of the department to the students

”Take the time to think about what is important to you, gather all the information you need to make responsible, thoughtful choices, and then hold yourself accountable and on task as you journey through this road called quest for knowledge”.

 Student organization and clubs

There are two student’s clubs in the department. The club profiles will be posted in due time. Students are encouraged to join and participate actively in the club activities as they offer services and opportunity for growth academically and professionally.

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