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Dr. Esther K. Mutiso, COD Landscape Architecture Department

Dr. Esther K. Mutiso, COD Landscape Architecture Department

Welcome to the department of Landscape Architecture in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Our department is the oldest offering a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture in Kenya and in the East and Central African region. Other degrees offered in the department of Landscape Architecture include Masters in Landscape Architecture and Masters in Environmental Planning

Our departmental objectives are to:

  • Produce qualified professionals in the field of Landscape Architecture
  • Engage in research activities related to the natural and delicate ecosystems
  • Provide innovative solutions with locally available materials and technology
  • Create leaders in the fields of landscape architecture who can give local contextualized solutions in the face of global imitations
  • Equip students with tools in order to contribute to emerging discourses
  • Ensure that every student is digitally and technically proficient

Our teaching adopts a multi disciplinary approach in order to find innovative solutions to challenges in our natural environment.

A practical approach is adopted in our teaching to ensure in depth learning.

Knowledge gained in theories taught is applied in the studio sessions where students undertake real life projects. The real life projects act as a suitable base to generate pragmatic solutions to current landscape challenges.

Site visits to different ecological zones in Kenya are organized every semester. These serve to expose the students and lectures to new opportunities relevant to the landscape practice, diverse cultures and ecological zones

After every academic year students head for practical attachment in order to expose them to the current trends of practice.

A new approach where both lecturers and students collaborate in the design and implementation of projects is underway in the department of Landscape Architecture.

Esther K Mutiso


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  1. I am a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from a Nigerian University, seeking to have a masters in Landscape Architecture. would like to find out the requirements for this at JKUAT.
    Thanks in anticipation

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