About Us

As a discipline, Landscape Architecture is broad in scope; developing into the design, planning and management of landscapes and the environment. Our goal is to be a center for Landscape Planning and Environmental studies in Kenya and beyond.

Our program is duly accredited by International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and recognized in Kenya by the Architectural Association of Kenya and the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors(BORAQs).

The broad objective of our program in Landscape Architecture is to develop a taste for environmental aesthetics, admiration for the surrounding natural world, appreciation of natural environmental habitats and at the same time a rejection of selfish oriented consumption attitudes.

Our department seeks to empower students through training by:

  • Ensuring a bias on practical orientation based on scientific knowledge in advancement of Landscape planning and Management
  • Developing professional personnel in design, planning and management of Landscapes and the environment
  • Establishing a foundation for the graduates to practice, pursue and/or participate in professional activities/development
  • Engaging in research on various aspects related to the environment
  • Training students who will create, conserve, restore and offer leadership on useful and culturally valuable landscapes and environments

Our training is mainly practical; Students taken through “near-real life” and sometimes real life projects that are handled thorough engaging and exciting studio sessions that replicate professional practice studio experience. Site visits, site analyses and relevant case studies form an important component of the studio projects.

Our projects are carefully selected to reflect the challenges of our country at the moment and as projected in future.

The training program offered by the department of Landscape Architecture is based on the scientific understanding of natural processes, informed by history, culture and social dynamics. It is an environment based profession.

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