Departmental Objectives


The Health Services Department endeavours to offer quality health care through the following objectives;

1. To improve efficiency on service delivery through automation by caring out service delivery baseline     by 30th June 2017.
2. To reduce referrals by 50% by recommending construction of operation theatre and maternity in the next 3years.
3. To improve health care services through bench marking with at least two other renown health providers by 30th June 2017.
4. To foster positive public relations among the health care staff and stakeholders by holding one customer care training for staff by June 2017.
5. To improve health care services by adopting QMS, EMS, and ISO standards by holding quarterly review meetings.
6. To improve the health services by recommending capacity building of one member of staff in a section by 30th July, 2017.
7. To enhance customer satisfaction by analysing customer feedback reports by collecting, analysing, and Disseminating information quarterly.
8. To embrace business orientation sustainability by reviewing service costs every 3 years.

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