Departmental Objectives


The Health Services Department endeavours to offer quality health care through the following objectives;

  1. To enhance quality health care by upholding ethics, teamwork, best health care practices.
  2. To improve capacity building in provision of health care services.
  3. To ensure continuous improvement of the departmental health care capacity and institutional outlook.
  4. To improve health care services through benchmark with other reknown health providers.
  5. To ensure continuous improvement of the health care services by adopting QMS and EMS, ISO standards.
  6. To embrace business orientation of health care services delivered to generate income for sustainability.
  7. To improve the health services image through confidentiality and professional handling of our stakeholders information.
  8. To foster positive public relations among the health care staff in order to nurture positive attitude towards each other and the stakeholder.
  9. To improve efficiency and reduce wastage through rational utilization of resources.

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