The Horticultural Students Association (HOSA) is non-political organization of students at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Horticulture that seeks to promote professional and reinforce good virtues among its members.

The main objective of the Association is to provide a forum for exchange of and exposure to theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the horticulture industry among horticulture students. The specific objectives are:

  1. To promote exchange of knowledge among its members and industry through fora like workshops, seminars, symposia
  2. To enable members access sources of information such as journals, books, catalogues, newsletters, etc in the field of horticulture
  3. To publicize the Association and horticulture through publication of brochures, newsletters, and other forms of media
  4. To facilitate participation of members in key horticultural activities like Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) shows, Horticultural Exhibitions, Fairs and Competition
  5. To link members with the key players in the horticulture industry including affiliation to professional organizations like the Horticultural Association of Kenya (HAK)
  6. To promote welfare of members through guidance and counseling, financial assistance
  7. To generate income for financing the activities of the Association


The Association is involved in various activities geared towards: information exchange, community service, education and recreational as well as income generation. Such activities include:

Information exchange activities

Attendance and participation in Seminars, Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) show, Exhibitions, competitions and other related activities

Community service activities

Rehabilitation of parks, planting flowers in hospitals, prisons, cleaning towns and cities, visiting the needy

Educational and recreational

Tours to horticultural production farms and other amenities, invitation of guest speakers, get together parties

Income generation

Propagation, tree nurseries, landscaping, compost making


Position Holder
Chairman Mr. Ogwedhi Minama Enos
Vice Chairman Mr. Orina Justine Nyamweya
Secretary General Mr. Shadrack Kunin
Project Cordinator Mr. Errum John
Class Representative Ms. Esther Museo
Treasurer Mr. Fredrick Magana
Patron Dr. John M. Wesonga