Why choose the department of Food Science…

Welcome to the department of Food Science and Technology.

The multidisciplinary nature of the programmes offered in the department, as well as exposure to the industry (visits to food factories, practical work in the Department’s pilot plants), allow graduates to pursue a large variety of careers in the food and the food-related industries, based on each individual’s personal interests. The interface between food science, nutrition, health, food service is an area of increasing concern to consumers, government and the food industry. There is an increase in consumer awareness of the impact of diet and the foods we consume on health-related diseases and well-being. Government recognises the multifactorial causes of hunger and malnutrition in our region and is committed to addressing this issue. Since consumers rely on the food industry to provide healthy, nutritious, safe and high-quality processed foods, scientists employed by food and related industries will play an increasingly important role in the future to ensure that consumers have access to safe, high-quality foods that are nutritionally beneficial and safe.

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Thanks and kind regards,

Dr. A. N. Onyango, PhD


6 thoughts on “Why choose the department of Food Science…

  1. Dear Chairman,
    First, I wish to recognize and appreciate the good work your University has done in this country. Your graduates continue to excel wherever they work.

    Now, I am considering investing in food processing in east Africa. Who among your staff should speak with for advise ? I can be reached at my email address kibemuigai@gmail.com OR sms/text at 0722746413
    Best regards, Kibe

    • Dear Kibe Muigai,
      Thank you for the compliments. We strive to equip our graduates with skills that fit the current food science, technology and nutrition concerns. Concerning investment, Dr. Kinyuru will get in touch with soon.

      Do not hesitate to call on us for future collaborations and partnerships.


  2. i wish to enquire how i can do the master course in food science as i am currently based in msa.

    I applied the same course two years back and even paid at your offices in your main campuses but i never got any response from you.

    i am a graduate of bsc chemistry from Moi but have never worked in any science related field. after graduation i took a job in sales and have done so ever since.
    ( this class has not started in msa)
    Msham Adam.

  3. Congrats to the work on food science. My concern is am food science and technology graduate and would like to pursue a Msc. Food science and nutrition, if i apply for September 2015 intake will i get a chance? Second if i get the admission how soon can i get the response to be able to engage my employer for a release to commence studies? The reason why am asking all this is i visited the postgraduate school in late June 2015 but i was told to wait until mid August 2015 to apply bearing in mind i will fund for my studies i need to get humble time to discuss with my employer of course with a letter of offer.

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