Student Resources

The following resources are available to ALL Students attending theory and practical sessions within the Engineering Workshops. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that you obtain the relevant information on time by downloading respective resource by clicking on the links below;

1. Engineering Workshops Safety Guidelines (for first-time Students)
2. Internal Practical Attachment Logbook
3. Internal Practical Attachment Timetable
4. Internal Practical Attachment Student Grouping
5. Classroom Utilization Schedule (Second Semester 2014-2015 Academic Year)
6. Workshop Utilization Schedule (Second Semester 2014-2015 Academic Yer)
7. Student Clearance Form
8. Drawings of Practical Exercises
9. Student Injury Report Form
10. Student Complaint/Complement Form

NOTE: To access the information, kindly log in using your student registration number.

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