Six Days Into Internal Practical Attachment – Accident Free!



The 2014-2015 Internal Practical Attachment entered week two Monday 25th May 2015, with students trying their hands on different aspects of practical engineering.  Eager to learn, convenient groups of students are given an opportunity to work as a team to gain hands-on experience in workshop practice.

DSC02181 Mr. David Waweru, a Senior Technologist at the Engineering Workshops (pictured above) takes through a group of students on technical details of hydraulic controls using a Datsun Forklift student trainer.  Drawn from the department of Mechanical Engineering, the group of students will learn practical aspects of hydraulic circuits and typical application in live mechanical systems.  An opportunity will also be given for the students to identify component parts of a hydraulic circuit including spool valves, hydraulic pump and pressure hoses.

So far, the department has registered six days of accident free attachment, and it is hoped that no accident will be recorded as all technologists are fully aware of the department’s resolve of ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

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