Chairman Message

Mr. Marcan W. Masudi

The Department of Construction Management was started in 2001 in the school of Architecture and Building sciences- SABS. This was after the University realized the need for professionals with design and practical hands on competence to serve the fast growing construction industry in Kenya and the Sub-Saharan Africa regions. With time, the department has grown significantly and now offers the following programs:-

  • Bachelor of Construction Management w.e.f 2001,
  • Bachelor of Quantity Surveying w.e.f 2012,
  • Bachelor of Real Estate w.e.f 2015
  • Masters of Construction Project Management w.e.f 2010,
  • PhD Construction Project Management w.e.f 2010

The first intake of construction management students was 27 and the population has grown progressively. The population to date stands at 820 students (approx. 63% of SABS students enrolment) distributed in three programs namely, Bachelor of Construction management with the population of 298 students; Bachelor of Quantity Surveying with 331 students; Bachelor of Real estate with a population of 165 students; Masters 1st & 2nd Years 23No; and 3No PhD students.

To provide higher academic qualification opportunities for the under graduate students, the Department of Construction Management started to offer a master degree in Construction Project Management in 2010 with the first intake having a population of 15 students. In the same year a PhD program was also started. Two students enrolled one local and the other from Nigeria. Currently Twelve members of staff are undertaking PhD programmes from within and outside the Department.

The students taking our programs are trained in all aspects of technology innovations and  construction processes; construction project management; building services engineering; infrastructure services (roads, water, wastewater, ICT etc); building economics and quantity surveying; cost control and project financing and real estate. Psycho motive training/education objectives are realized through industrial attachments, workshop technology and internships. The above are also enhanced through Career Talks where Professionals and Contractors/manufacturers from construction industry are invited to interact with students on industry expectations and the future of their professions.

The classroom training are conducted by  teams of highly qualified professionals in the field of Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering, Building Services Engineering and environmental engineering, Quantity Surveying, Value engineering and risk management, Property Valuation, Construction and Project Management, Real Estate Management among others.

In 2019/2020 academic year, the Department of Construction Management in collaboration with Interactive Construction Management Students Organization (ICOMSO) has hosted the following Professionals during students’ Career Talks;

  1. Association of Construction Management of Kenya- ACMK
  2. Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya- IQSK
  3. Institution of Surveyors of Kenya- ISK