Achievements  for department

  1. Development and establishment of new course
    1. Bachelor of Quantities Surveying
    2. Bachelor of Real Estate
  2. Development and review of the existing undergraduate courses
    1. Bachelor of Construction Management 4 years course
  3. The department has successfully enrolled the first PhD student in PhD in Construction Project Management
  4. That the department had successfully participated on SABS Conference “Promoting Sustainable Built Environment” on 10th and 11th October 2013.
  5. That a new program in Real Estate is already  approved and  the first cohort of students are admitted  .
  6. Establishment of Master of Project Construction Management (MPCM) and enrollment of students and end up graduating.
  7. Facilitating for various guests speakers in difference field.
  8. The department has successfully supervised various projects within the University through SABS Project Office and consultancy services
  9. Construction of Nairobi Industrial Park and Construction of Perimeter Wall
  10.  Construction of New Administration Block   Ongoing Construction of workshops, laboratory, lecture rooms and offices for the Pan Africa University Institute of Sciences, Technology And Innovations (PAUSTI)

Future Focus of the department
The department is at final stage to be upgraded to a School, as it is spearheading to increase more courses which are beneficial to the society and the entire world to meet the dynamic need.

  1. The proposed School name is “School of Construction & Real Estate Management”. This will comprise three departments ,
  2. Each department will offer undergraduate programmes and the post graduate programmes.

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