Prof. Thiong’o George Thuku

Prof. Thiong'o G T

: NSC Ground floor 003
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Organic Chemistry


PhD  (1999); MSc.  (1988); B.Ed. Science (1980)

Full Professor (2010); Associate Professor (2004); Senior Lecturer (1997); Lecturer JKUAT (1991); Lecturer KU (1990); Tutorial Fellow KU(1988); Graduate Assistant KU (1982); High school Teacher (1980); Honoured by ‘Who is Who in Science and Engineering in the World, 2001’


  • Member, Kenya Chemical Society (KCS)
  •  Member, Natural Products Research Network of Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA)


  • Biofuels and their use in power generation
  • Water quality and the environment
  • Analysis of pharmaceuticals


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Kareru P.G., Thiong’o G.T., & Wanyika H. (2005) “Angeles” Neem Hand and Body Cream registered with Kenya Industrial Property institute (KIPI).

Kareru P.G., & Thiong’o G.T., ‘Aloneem’ Soap registered (KIPI) PA No.5822.

Kareru P.G., Thiong’o G.T & Gachanja A.N. “Aloonem” Hand and Body Cream (2005) KIPI.  PA No.5823.