Prof. Keriko Joseph Mungai

: JKUAT Nairobi Centre
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Organic Chemistry

PhD (1996); MSc.  (1988); B.Ed. Science (1983); Post doctoral course in Marine chemistry (2002)
Full Professor (2010); Associate Professor (2004); Senior Lecturer (1996); Lecturer JKUAT (1991); Assistant Lecturer (1989)


  • Member of the Japanese Society of Biosciences, Bio-resources and Biotechnology
  • Member of the Japan Oil Chemical Society
  • Founder and Governing Council Member of the Kenya Chemical Society (KCS)
  • Vice Chairman of the Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA), Kenya Chapter
  • Member of the Green Chemistry Research of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Member of the National Bio-fuel Development Corporation of Kenya (NBDC-K)
  • Member of the Kenya Bio-Diesel Association (KBDA)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Ruiru-Juja water and sewerage company (Rujwasco)
  • Member of the Green-fuel (WILMA) initiative on bio-fuel exploration
  • Alumni member of the University of California’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Green Chemistry – Letters and Reviews
  • Registered Lead Expert in EIA/EA (NEMA, 2007).


  • Feasibility study of the availability and distribution of potential oil crops in Kenya such as Croton megalocarpus and Yellow oleander.
  • Biofuel energy from locally available resources; an alternative tool to poverty reduction
  • Investigation of lipid classes and the composition of fatty acids in fish lipids found in the Kenyan waters
  • Survey of the Distribution of Medicinal Plants
  • Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds


  • Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from Dombeya torrida species of plants.
  • Isolation and characterization of anti-mosquito compounds from selected East African Meliaceae species of plants.
  • Biological and Phytochemical Studies of Selected Medicinal Plants used in Kenya for treatment of Malaria.
  • Anti-protozoal and anti-plasmodium activities of natural products with  limonoid-type structure from some selected Meliaceae species of plants
  • Extraction and characterization of anti-anthlemintic agents from some species of plants found in Embu and Kitui districts of Kenya.
  • Environmental assessment in Geothermal exploration zones  Lake Naivasha region.
  • Eco paints for Adobe constructions
  • Anti-schistosomal properties of Chenopodium ambrosoides (Wormseed) against the parasite S. mansoni in mice
  • Effect of cover crops on weeds and maize productivity in small holder conservation Agriculture, Kenya.
  • The role of community wildlife conservancies in the management of resource conflicts in Kenya using GIS and strategic environmental assessment
  • An Assessment of pollution status of Lake Naivasha and  Potential for Utilization of Geothermal fluids for Irrigation and solution mining.
  • Pharmaceutical formulation development involving excipients of problem drugs manufactured in Kenya.
  • Envirolmental effects on Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs.

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