Message from the Chairman

Dr. Kiptoo Jackson

As a department, our vision statement is to be a department of global excellence in training research and innovation for development. To achieve this, the department has set out to provide quality university education. The continuous change in global technology and climate is a challenge to human basic needs. To cope up with these challenges, the department has not been left behind in keeping pace. Our competent staff continue to be involved in quality research and innovation to meet these challenges. As a department, through the leadership of the university management, we have acquired the modern state of the art equipments for research. These include the GC-MS equipment, LC-MS/MS, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, IR Spectrophotometer, AAS Spectrophotometer and developed links and collaborations with other universities and research institutions.

The department has developed and continues to develop more relevant curricula both in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This is done in wide consultation with the stakeholders. I personally believe that there is more to contribute to life. With strong and determined self willed members, I believe we will achieve more.

Long live the chemistry department and strong determination and commitment of the staff. You are all welcome to the department to be part of the team as we forge forward to meet the dreams of vision 2030 using chemistry as one of the vehicles.

Dr. Jackson Kiptoo. COD,
Chemistry Department

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