Postgraduate Programmes

Master and Doctorate Programs

The following MSc Programs are offered in the Department of Botany:-

  • MSc in Botany (Genetics)
  • MSc in Botany (Microbiology)
  • MSc in Botany (Plant Ecology)
  • MSc in Botany (Plant Taxonomy)
  • MSc in Botany (Plant Physiology)
  • MSc in Botany (Plant Morphology)
  • MSc in Botany (Molecular Biology)
  • MSc in Botany (Economic Botany)
  • MSc in Botany (Plant Breeding)
  • MSc in Botany (Mycology)
  • MSc in Botany (Phycology)

Graduates with MSc. from the Department of Botany can progress to a wide range of careers. They can work in national and international organisation in either public or private sectors as Biodiversity Researchers, Environmental Scientists, Nature Reserve Managers, Research Scientists, Wildlife Management Advisors, Project Officers, Ecological Consultants and Conservation Officers. Quality Control Officers, Salesperson etc etc

Examples, of organisations that hire our graduates include National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Wildlife Services, Private Conservatories, Green Belt Movement, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Kenya Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, National Museums of Kenya, Nature Kenya, Uungana Profile (AMREF), Earth Watch, Friends of Arboretum, UNEP and other environmental related UN projects, IUCN, Private Companies “going green”, Consultants, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food and Beverage Industries, Hospitality sectors, etc etc. We are confident that any MSc. from this department will open new job opportunities for you.

Entry requirements

The common regulations for all masters degrees in the University shall apply.

The general regulations for all masters degree in the Faculty of Science shall apply.

The following shall be eligible for registration for the Master of Science degree in the Department of Botany.

A holder of at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Biology or Biological Sciences having studied Botany as a major or regular subject from JKUAT or its equivalent from a University recognised by the Senate.

Under exceptional circumstances a holder of a Second Class Honours (Lower Division) degree in Biology or Biological Sciences having studied Botany as a major or regular subject, provided the candidate produces evidence of having conducted research in a relevant area from an institution recognised by the Senate.

Duration and Pattern of the Course

The duration of the Master of Science course shall be at least TWO academic years (18 months) from the date of registration.

Students taking a Master of Science course in the Department of Botany shall follow any one of the following programs;


Course work, examination and thesis.


Research and thesis only (Under exceptional circumstances).

All students registered for a Master of Science degree in Department of Botany shall study ten units in the areas of specialization.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

PhD degrees involves undertaking research and thesis in either;

  • Microbiology – Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology
  • Genetics – Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics
  • Plant Sciences – Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Science

A doctorate degrees takes 3 to 5 years from the date of registration.

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