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Department of Botany is one of the departments in the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) of College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS) in JKUAT. The Department of Botany has been central to teaching and innovations in plant and microbial sciences in JKUAT. Our scope of ranges from Molecular (in biotechnology) to Ecosystem (in ecology).
We remain focused on pursuing excellence in Plant Sciences, Microbial Sciences and Biotechnology.
Botany runs undergraduate and post graduate programs with a team of Full Professors, Associate Professors, Senior lecturers, Assistant Lecturers, Tutorial Fellows and Teaching Assistant. This team is supported by technologists. Specialization of faculty include Plant Physiology, Plant Morphology, Plant Anatomy, Development Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Plant Ecology, Marine Ecology, Dry-land Ecology, Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, Cell Biology, Mycology, Virology among others.
Over years the department has grown from 10 staff 1994 to 25 at the moment Academic staff currently. Students numbers and programs have increased to over 1000 students within and outside the department.
More information is available in other webpages. Feel free to contact us.

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