Focus Areas

  1. Bio-prospecting for novel microorganisms from the environment
  2. Bio-prospecting for phyto-chemicals of health importance
  3. Antibiotic resistance of important pathogens
  4. Microbial ecology and pollution in aquatic and marine systems
  5. Biological control of pests and diseases
  6. Relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  7. Biosafety, biopolicy and risk assessment of processes and products of biotechnology
  8. Modeling the impact of different land uses systems on water resources
  9. Resource utilization, conservation and ecological adaptability of plants
  10. Macro- and micro-propagation and multiplication of plants of important and endangered plants
  11. Ethnobotany, taxonomy, evolution and conservation biology
  12. Reproductive ecology and conservation of endangered plants
  13. Morphometrics-applied multivariate techniques for species delimitation
  14. Genetic diversity and population genetic structuring using RAPD
  15. The dispersal, development, damage and control of plant diseases
  16. Characterization, identification and control of pathogenic microorganisms
  17. Host-pathogen interaction
  18. Stress physiology in plants
  19. Molecular and genetics plant physiology
  20. Infectious disease epidemiology and modeling
  21. Isolation, characterization and antibiotic sensitivity profile microbial isolates from food and environment
  22. Aquaculture and Fish farming
  23. Climate change REDD+ and REAULA
  24. Invasion and biodiversity conservation