Current Research Projects

    1. Impact of mining and other human activities on heavy metal loading in Lake Victoria wetlands
    2. Isolation and characterization of microorganisms from soils, termites and other habitats
    3. Characterization of antibiotic resistance patterns of various microorganisms isolated from clinical or environmental sources
    4. Searching for and testing the efficacy of entomopathogenic fungi in the control of spider mites
    5. Isolation of pathogenic E. coli from various clinical specimen
    6. Potential impact of Bt-maize on microorganisms in soils collected from major maize agro-ecological zones
    7. Characterization of microbial diversity in Soda Lakes


  1. Isolation and identification of banana endophytic bacteria
  2. Water use of trees in the arid and semi arid areas in agroforestry systems
  3. Building ecosystem services research capacity in semi-arid Africa
  4. Watershed management, re-afforestation and carbon credits in view of the current trends in climate change
  5. Ecophysiology and resource utilization of important biofuels in semi-arid Kenya
  6. Afforestation studies on the right tree for the right place
  7. Evaluating photochemical and antimicrobial properties of important medicinal plants
  8. Evaluating water use in different agroforestry system in Kenya
  9. Efficacy of some African traditional medicines – a feedback from patients attending Eden School of Natural medicine and Clinic (EDSNAM)
  10. Agronomy of some Kenyan Aloe species
  11. Effective domestication and commercial utilization of 22 Kenyan wild orchid species
  12. Effect of Marchantia (Pteridophyte) colony on the growth of the orchid, Vanilla planifolia Miller
  13. Agronomy of Yellow Oliender (Thevetia peruviana)
  14. Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants
  15. Development of sorghum cultivars tolerant to salinity
  16. Evaluation and documentation of indigenous plants used in processing and preservation of livestock products among pastoral communities in Kenya
  17. Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of diverse tropical plants
  18. Tissue culture of diverse tropical plants of economic importance
  19. Morphological and physiological assessments of plants after cryopreservation
  20. Molecular and geographical characterization, propagation, ethnobotany and conservation of Strychnos heningsii
  21. Fungal metabolites as antimicrobial activity and characterization of fungi from the soda lakes of Kenya
  22. Floral biology and pollination of highland coffee, Coffea arabica in Kiambu District, Kenya
  23. Effects of interactions between species traits and habitat characteristics in the control of Prosopis juliflora on the Lake Baringo ecosystem
  24. Screening for multi-drug resistance from clinical isolates in Kenyan Hospitals
  25. Effects of Probiotic yoghurt on CD4 counts in AIDS patients in Rachuonyo District