About Us

The Department of Botany has been central to teaching and innovations in plant and microbial sciences  in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. It is one of the departments in the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) under College of Pure and Applied Sciences  (COPAS). It has an adequately equipped teaching and research laboratory, green houses and field plots. It boasts four Full Professors, three Associate Professors, five Senior Lecturers, three Lecturers, six Assistant Lecturers/Tutorial Fellows, four Teaching Assistants , one Chief Technician, three Senior Technicians, two Technicians, one Junior Technician and other support staff.
The departments was established in 1995 from the former Department of Biological Sciences. Since its establishment, the Department of Botany has grown tremendously in terms of number of students, staff and facilities under stewardship of Prof. Anne Muigai, Geneticist (1995-1998), Prof. Victoria Ngumi, Plant Physiologist (1998 – 2002), Prof. Hamadi Boga, Microbial Ecologist (2004- 2005), Prof. Catherine Muthuri, Plant Physiologist (2005-2008), Dr. Nancy Budambula, Microbiologist/Geneticist (2009-2012) and currently Dr. Peter N. Mwangi, Ecologist.