Acting Principal, Dr. Hiram Ndiritu making opening remarks

Wednesday 5th September 2018 was a special day for the College of Engineering and Technology (CoETEC) Family. It was the day that the new Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Ngumi accompanied by the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellors Prof. Bernard Ikua (Administration), Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Robert Kinyua (Academic Affairs) and Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Mary Abukutsa (R.P.E) visited the College and its staff led by the Acting Principal Dr. Hiram Ndiritu.
Staff who started streaming to the meeting venue at iPIC earlier than scheduled, had a lot of anticipation having been presented with the opportunity to interact with the University top management. By the time the Vice Chancellor and her entourage walked into the venue after visiting the state-of-the-art laboratories in iPIC building, the hall was packed to capacity and every College staff was eagerly waiting.
Upon arrival, the Acting Principal officially welcomed the Vice Chancellor, the three DVCs and all the College staff to the meeting and set the mood of the meeting while giving his opening remarks explaining that the main aim of the meeting was for members of staff to interact with the new Vice Chancellor and raise issues that hinder the development of the college. He then invited each of the Deputy Vice Chancellors to give their remarks before finally inviting the Vice Chancellor to address the staff.
The Vice Chancellor echoing the remarks of the DVCs while addressing the College staff, sought support and cooperation from staff members of the College to help her achieve her vision of making Jomo Kenyatta a University of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria W. Ngumi addressing Staff that attended

She particularly pointed out that in line with the government’s Big Four Agenda, CoETEC was well placed to help the government to achieve the Agenda. For example, CoETEC has a direct role in the areas of; Manufacturing and Affordable Housing. The College also has a substantial role in Food Security through Processing and Mechanization of Farming. The College also has an indirect role in development of facilities and equipment for Universal Healthcare. When concluding her address, the Vice Chancellor additionally wanted to know the various needs and concern staff in the College encountered in their work environment. Some of the issues that were raised included:
• Staff promotions
• Staff training
• CoETEC building
• Equipment for training
• Office space
During the interactive session the Vice Chancellor and Top Management engaged with CoETEC staff in a question and answers session in which she promised to address the issues in order to make it easier for staff to perform their duties. The staff also promised to support her as she sought to implement her Vision.

A Section of Members of Staff in Attendance

After the interaction, there was a common resolution that if the staff from the College, Vice Chancellor and the top management would support each other toward solving the challenges highlighted during the meeting so as to find common solutions that benefit not only the College but also the University as a whole.

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