The training session

College of Engineering website representatives from the various Schools and Departments along with those of the Principal’s office received a requisite and very important training on how to update,  improve and handle the various aspects of their respective School and Departmental websites. This was with the aim of giving the outlook, presence and visibility of these websites an impetus in-tandem with areas of focus that the University website committee requires all the sub-websites to always ensure are attended to so as to improve informativeness and the ranking of the University Website thus meeting its objective.

The training had been planned from the Principal’s office by Senior Administrative Assistant Mr. Denis Wambua who had received instruction from College Principal Dr. Hiram Ndiritu that the College, School and Departmental websites need to be revamped to make them as informative as possible not to mention also be attractive to all viewing them.

With the vital facilitation of the two key ICT staff that handle matters to do with the University website, Ms. Christine Kariuki and Ms. Jeddy Muturi, the thirteen representatives present received very informative and in-depth training that, if applied, will raise the face and information of all our sub-websites right from our main College website, down to the Schools’ and Departmental websites.

Dr. Joseph Sang’, Ms. Christine Kariuki and Ms. Jeddy Muturi who facilitated the training

In-attendance also, was Dr. Joseph Sang’, chairman of the University Website Management committee, who at the start of the training ushered the representatives attending into what to expect and also threw a challenge to them on what would be expected of them after the important exercise. The training was held in the Exhibition Hall in iPIC (iNNOVATION and PROTOTYPING INTERGRATED CENTER) on Wednesday 10th April 2019.

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