Boniface Kariuki Feted in Japan

Boniface Kariuki, a Technologist in the Department of Mechatronic Engineering, has been awarded for an outstanding research in the division of Environmental Science development, Faculty of Environmental Science at Hokkaido University in Japan raising the burner of the College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC) and that of the entire University fraternity higher. He was in Japan for two years under the ABE Initiative programme which offers Scholarship for Masters Degree and internship opportunity at Japanese company through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

His study evaluated photovoltaic power generation potential by stepping up to seasonality and day variability of solar radiation energy potential in Kenya, presenting findings that contribute to solving energy problems through dissemination of photovoltaic power generation systems in Kenya. In order to respond to the increase in global electricity demand, the use of renewable energy with less environmental burden is advanced all over the world. Solar power generation is one of the most promising options in consideration of the fact that Kenya, targeted in this study is located near the equator. However Evaluation on variability of solar radiation energy potential over the study area has not been done so far. In this research, an evaluation of the spatiotemporal fluctuation characteristics of photovoltaic power generation capacity in this region, using 19 years of solar radiation data estimated from satellite observations that can obtain spatially homogeneous data was carried out.

It is said to have been the most consistent with the ideas and objectives of the faculty`s majors. For these reasons, the paper was found suitable for receiving the prestigious Numaguchi Memorial Prize as the best Masters Thesis in 2016

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